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About M.N. Orthopaedic Hospital

Established in 1975, M.N. Orthopaedic Hospital stands out as the seniormost Orthopedic Hospital in Chennai. Founded by Prof. M. Natarajan, who was heading the Ortho Dept. in the premier Govt. General Hospital and Madras Medical College for 19yrs. from 1957 to 1976. During his tenure in public service he was responsible for the holistic development of the speciality with starting the Diploma and Master degree in orthopedic surgery , School of physiotherapy , School of Orthotist and Prosthetist. He submitted a master plan for the Rehab.& Artificial Limb Center and the Accidental and Emergency Services for Tamil Nadu State. This was accepted and implemented by the Govt.

The hospital has been a pioneer in delivering high quality services at moderate cost to the people. In addition to the Fracture Surgery, subpspeciality like Join Replacement Surgery, Bone Tumour Surgery, Arthroscopic surgery, are treated with expertise. Equipped with advanced facilities, including a laminar flow theater, C arm, recovery room, Digital X-Ray and a semi automated diagnostic lab, M.N. Orthopaedic Hospital ensures comprehensive care for patients.

With a focus on bone cancer and limb sparing surgery, the hospital has gained recognition for its expertise in orthopedic oncology. The hospital's commitment to affordable and accessible healthcare is evident in the introduction of the indigenous Custom Mega Prosthesis (CMP) for bone cancer surgeries, Wherein the imported prosthesis which was costing 3 Lakhs which is reduced to 75000/-. Dr. Mayilvahanan, the driving force behind the hospital's success, has been instrumental in spreading limb conservation surgery across India. His leadership in orthopedic associations and groundbreaking contributions to publications in orthopedic oncology have solidified M.N. Orthopaedic Hospital's reputation as one of the best in Chennai serving society for 47 years.(1975-2024)
Dr. Mayilvahanan Natarajan's vision for an "Amputation-Free" India aligns seamlessly with the hospital's mission.

The other Senior Consultant in M.N.Ortho Hospital is Dr. RM.Alagappan who is taking care of all the clinical aspects of patient care and is available round the clock. He is also a Consultant at Hande Hospital. Dr.MD.Kumar and Dr.Senthilraj are Consultants associated with Outpatient Services and Surgical Services. Dr.Karthi Sundar is a visiting Consultant.
The Anaesthetic team is comprised of senior Consultant Dr. Shanmugam, Consultants Dr.Krishna Kumar, Dr.Prakash, Dr.Madhan Kumar, Dr.Soumya.

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