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Our Vision is to bring Orthopaedic treatment of high standards to the reach of the common man at a Affordable cost


  • To lead by example and apply the best clinical practice in patient care and surgical expertise.

  • To anticipate that needs and meet the expectation of every single patient by providing highly evidence-based patient care and treatment.

  • To keep updated with new year development in the field of orthopaedics and provide them with utmost precision to the common man.

  • To reach out to the unprivileged and economically challenged patients and provide them with the best orthopaedic care.

  • The value in which the hospital functions every single day is an expression of the vision and intent of our founder for home the patient always comes first.

Our Services
Spine Surgeries
Arthroscopic Surgeries
Plastic Surgery - Orthopaedic related
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